Being passionate about something is good, and no one appreciates a “cold” lover, not even God. But what are you passionate about?

The Olympic athletes were apparently passionate about their sports, because it obviously took them years of rigorous daily practice to enable them to reach a level of proficiency that would at least allow them to compete in a few minutes of intense competition for a metal that would give them world wide recognition for their achievement. A few of them won such metals, but most of them didn’t. And some of the losers were close to the winning levels of achievement, only missing the “award” levels by a few points or even a millimeter of a second on the timing clock.

Whether we realize it or not, all of us our in intense competitive battles for the achievement and preservation of many “awards” or blessings that are available to us in this life. Some of these are economic benefits that we now are beginning to realize are not automatically achievable by routine hard work. Others are political that no longer seem to be as secure as they once were in the world’s drastically changing political environments. Some may be very personal that are now being threatened by the drastic changes that are taking place in the structure of the family and family relationships in cultures around the world. Some of these battles may just be physical due to the challenges of growing older and becoming less and less vibrant in our physical abilities and energy. And some of these battles probably involve “moral” benefits that are achievable through disciplines of what is “right” while avoiding those that are “wrong”, but the distinguishing marks that separate these qualities are no longer as clear as they once were.

Which of these “battles” or contests are you passionate about? What are you passionately seeking to achieve in your present situation in life? Are you really passionate about personal political freedom from governmental controls and illegal oppression? What would you like to do to preserve the stability of families in your situation? What moral principles are really worth struggling to preserve?

Let’s talk about this. What is the focus of your passion in life? How intense is your effort in the “contests” or “battles”?

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  1. Hi Bob,
    Read your Blog it was good. I too have been looking at the Winter Olympics. Everyone has a passion and they do strive to complete that passion, even when it’s doing nothing!

    My passion is knowing God and Jesus Christ whom God sent. I strive for that these days. I do it because I have always wanted things to last. I know God is eternal, so therefore, my knowledge of Him and His workings are the only things that will last forever. It won’t fade like medals gained at Winter Olympics or paper credentials and He will be the only thing that will satisfy my soul.

    I purchased a book by an author you suggested “John Blackaby”. I chose “Experiencing God”. Both Henry and John Blackaby have written many books but I chose this one and to my surprise as I read chapter five I had the piece to something I had wondered about for a long time. How did Angola Prison in Louisiana come to have a move of God. It turns out that the new warden got a hold of this very book I’m reading. He too was studying this same book. So he decided to get a group of prisioners together to do the same study and it all just grew from there! I always wondered how it all began. Now I know.

    God is at work everywhere if we have ears to hear Him, eyes to see Him and a heart that is inclined to Him and the faith to believe that He will work.

    The only passion worth striving for is knowing God and seeking to bring others into that knowledge too. The reason that I think is the only passion worth having is because all other pursuits have no eternal value. I admire people’s dedication and stamina to achieve a medal at any Olympic but for me I’d much rather strive for that which has eternal value – knowing the only true God and Jesus Christ whom God sent are the only medals that we can take with us into the next life that are incorruptible and those to whom we have share Him with. All earthly pleasures are for but a fleeting moment. Yes I can enjoy them but they are not my passion. What ever I do, I do it with the aim of knowing God and experiencing God more and more. That’s my passion.

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