Good gifts

Now is the time for good gifts

Perhaps you have most of your Christmas shopping done. You’ve shipped all of the presents to distant relatives so that they will get them on time. You have gotten all of the special toys and gadgets for the kids, wrapped them, and hidden them away for the time of your celebration. If so, then it is time for some especially good gifts

What are these good gifts?

Christmas is depicted as a time for joyous celebrations, but it is also noted to be a time of great depression. Some of your relatives and friends probably need more words of encouragement than they need more “stuff”. With all of the “broken” families that now fill our society, there are probably some relatives that need your words of forgiveness more than they need a new item of clothing. In spite of all of the gatherings of people that take place in Christmas celebrations, there are probably some in the midst of such gatherings who are feeling lonely and would really like to receive a personal gift of a warm hug and hear the sincere sound of these words I love you. Hope is a traditional Christmas message, but now when all of the shopping is done some people in your circle may still be anxiously seeking this gift. A personal word or a special gesture of kindness might give this gift to someone who is waiting anxiously for it.

What’s special about such good gifts?

You don’t have to go shopping for them. You already have them somewhere in the recesses of your character. They may just need to be uncovered. You don’t have to go to a great deal of work to wrap them and deliver them, maybe just a phone call could do it. And they aren’t particularly expensive; probably just the cost of some humility. And now would be a great time to deliver such gifts as some of your friends and relatives are approaching the celebrations of this season without them.

Let’s talk about such good gifts What other such qualities of loving relationships might you cite as being “good gifts”? Have you made an effort to share such “gifts” with others? If so, what was their response? What difference did it make in their life? What difference did it make in your observance of Christmas? Christmas might really be made “merry” by the sharing of such good gifts. May you all have a Merry Christmas.

Danger Ahead Bridge Out

Danger ahead; political gridlock

The election of Barack Obama to serve as president of these “divided” States for another four years has not provided a strong bridge over the economic chasm toward which we are heading. And the chasm is not just an economic matter, it is a matter of national security. Four more years of political gridlock in Congress in the face of ongoing economic changes in the world’s markets and resources and the persistent efforts of our enemies to destroy us does not offer any of us Americans much hope for a return to a prosperous and safe America.

The bridge is out

Some Americans tried to establish a strong “bridge” over this chasm through the reasonable political process of a free election of political representatives, but it did not work because of the political power of a few “swing” states that were able to give a political “victory” to Barack Obama without putting in place a strong “bridge” or even a well defined “road” to the political compromises that reasonable citizens were hoping for from this election. As president Obama seeks to move “forward” with his political agenda, I don’t believe that there is any strong “bridge” in place that is going to enable him and his friendly supporters to restore prosperity to Americans and even to guarantee our safety.

Various options

What are the various options that now face our congressional representatives? What can we as individual and gathered citizens now do to provide a strong “bridge” over this chasm toward which we are now heading? What practical steps can be taken to “bridge” the emotional and conceptual gaps that strongly divide us as Americans from each other so that we can use our common resources to meet our common needs? And who or what “leaders” are going to implement these steps for us? Let’s talk about this.

Becoming program dependent

Becoming program dependent

The constant expansion and improvement of various devices for the communication of messages and the gathering and manipulation of bits of information from around the world is mind boggling. My son, who is a professional computer consultant, indicates to me that it is becoming more difficult for him to keep up with all of the changes that are regularly being made in all of the various programs that he has to handle in his work. I get reminders, almost daily, of the need to update some of the files of programs, which are few in number, on my computer, and many of the emails coming into my inbox are newsletters and reports from professionals regarding some important changes that are being made in existing programs or the issuing of brand new programs to improve and to speed up the ways in which I share and process information.

An example of an impersonal message

I got an email message a week or so ago from someone who just said “Thank you” to me. I don’t know what they were thanking me for, who they were, or where they were from. Nothing in their email address gave me any personal information, apparently to protect their privacy. It is good idea to protect one’s privacy on the internet, but I think we are in danger of becoming very impersonal in our communications with each other. And many of the messages that we share are so brief, like 140 characters for tweets, or just some photos, as on Facebook, that they are almost meaningless. Some of the photos from my grandchildren are cute, but they are soon lost or otherwise buried in archives of “old” notes or albums of unorganized and unidentified photos in various files on my computer. It is easy to build a network of hundreds of “friends” on Facebook, but knowing each of them or sharing anything of real value or meaning with most of them is almost impossible.

Are you becoming program dependent?

Can you write a personal note to another person without being dependent on a computer to compose it and to deliver it? How long can you get along without your cell phone or Ipad? Can you balance your checkbook or figure the interest on your credit card without depending on a calculator in your hand to do the calculations? How good is your memory for some important facts and figures in your life without depending ona handy link
to take you quickly to the appropriate files of data?

Are communication mistakes really funny?

Political commentators and critics have made a lot of jokes about gaffs and factual errors in various statements that our presidential candidates have made from time to time, often in response to spontaneous questions where they are without the aid of some handy device to remind them what to say. But are such “mistakes” really funny or are they symptoms of a serious problem that is facing us all; are we becoming so dependent on various software programs and technical devices that we are becoming almost meaningless and very impersonal in our communication with each other? Such mistakes may not be very serious for most of us private citizens in our personal conversations, but I think that they could be very serious if they continue to appear too frequently among our political representatives who daily make important decisions about how we conduct our civic lives together.

Let’s talk about this. Are we becoming too dependent on software programs in our communications with each other? Are we becoming so dependent upon calculators in our hands that we are in danger of losing some basic personal mathematical skills? If so, what might we do to correct this tendency and avoid some of its problems?

What is good?

What is good in your life? There is a lot of talk these days about what is wrong in America, and there are apparently a lot of serious problems facing citizens in other nations as well. Severe economic challenges are evident in many major countries of the world, and violent protests against various “abuses” of people are daily reported in the media and social platforms of our world. So we have hundreds of daily statements regarding various serious problems facing people in our world, but there is almost nothing being said about what is good? anywhere in the world.

And apparently there isn’t a lot of confidence among the voting citizens in America that either one of the candidates for president can fix the problems. They each claim that they will be able to do so, if given the chance. But neither one of them are too specific when it comes to citing the details regarding how the “fixes” will be accomplished. And the representatives of the American people in Congress seem to be reluctant to take any “bold” steps to “fix” the problems or even to reasonably address the issues. The facts regarding these national and personal economic problems and the danger of personal violent abuse that faces many people in our world are clearly cited, but in many cases the talk is only about who is to blame for the problems without anyone proposing reasonable solutions to them.

What is good in your life?

Let’s talk about this. Do you have any good news to report where you live? Who do you know who is being able to solve some of these serious problems that are facing many individuals today? How are they doing it? Many people throughout the world are really needing to hear some answers to this question: What is good?. Share your comments.

Ban boxing?

Ban boxing? Helmet to helmet hitting between football players apparently may cause them to suffer concussions, so it has been banned from the sport. Even the wisdom of head to ball striking in women’s soccer games is being questioned, because women’s neck muscles may not be strong enough to prevent slight concussions from the sharp movement of their skulls in such maneuvers. So why shouldn’t the intentional violent striking of one’s opponent’s head by one’s fist be banned in boxing matches, particularly when the specific intention of the action is to injure the opponent by giving him or even her a temporary concussion that will render him or her unconscious for a few moments? And the violent striking of heads is even more intense in ultimate fighting matches in which the opponents do not wear heavily-padded gloves on their hands and they are even allowed to kick their opponents in the head, if they can make such moves, or to strike their opponents in the head when they are down on the mat.

Time to Ban Boxing

Maybe it is time to ban boxing as a sport. Maybe it is time to bring this form of “entertainment” to an end in civilized societies that recognize that it is “not right” to intentionally seek to harm one’s opponent even in a game. I recognize that boxing is a big business and that this form of athletic competition has been conducted for a long time with relatively few fatalities from such violence, but there can be no denial of the fact that boxers are severely injured by the repeated blows to their heads that they may suffer in their fights.

The banning of boxing as a sport would have major financial consequences for the operation of this business and even the operation of some gyms and training facilities where young athletes are taught the “skills” involved in these violent contests, but it may be time to establish such a ban to protect athletes from injury in these violent fights. What do you think? Why shouldn’t boxing be banned because of the injury that combatants may suffer to their brains in the engagement of their fights? Let’s talk about ban boxing.

Producing children

Do individuals who are sexually mature have the right to willfully engage in sexual activity to be producing children regardless of their ability personally or financially to care for and to raise those children?

This is a fairly clear question, but any answer carries with it a lot of personal, legal, social, and political implications for family and community living. In the comments regarding this question we can discuss the implications of producing children. Let’s talk about this.


Your body is designed to function with a consistent balance between the functions of each of its organs and what they are being requested to do by your brain.

Your digestive system is designed to process the food that you consume and bring into it and to put the appropriate chemical resources into your blood stream so that each cell of your body will have the resources that are needed to enable them to carry out their intended functions in balance or in harmony with all of the other cells in your body.

Disease is really anything that impairs or stops the easy or natural processes of these cellular functions and disrupts your bodily balance in your life. And your body is also designed and equipped with a variety of organic compounds that are designed to repair damage to your cells that are either produced by your organs or enabled to do so by chemical resources in the food that you consume. And some of the organs in your body are especially designed to eliminate toxins and such other organic material that present dangers to the balanced operation of your cells or are in other ways unnecessary for the healthy operation of your body. Basically your body is designed to give you a good healthy style of living with everything working in balance and harmony with everything else even through times of physical growth and personal social change. If you are being made uncomfortable by pain, emotional stress, sluggishness and persistent fatigue, poor mobility, abnormal bodily functions, or other symptoms of disease, then you body and mind are not functioning in balance.

I will grant the fact that not all bodies are completely and perfectly equipped for good healthy living and the balanced operation of all their cells at the time of conception and birth. Some inherited genes in some bodies may contain factors that if they are implemented into the organic functions of cells could impair or halt the balanced operation of other cells. So some special medicines and medical treatments by doctors may be necessary to enable the victims of the resulting diseases from such inherited disorders to overcome their symptoms and to restore a balanced style of living in their daily activities. And there are hundreds of organic compounds and germs that are able to invade anyone’s body that can impair or stop the balanced operation of your cells if they are allowed to do so without appropriate organic opposition from a good balance of a healthy diet, regular exercise, and medicine as needed.

But many of the problems that many individuals encounter with physical pain and emotional stress and poor bodily functions that are out of balance or out of harmony with others are due to unhealthy choices that they make in how they live and what they eat. Some things that some people choose to consume are just not good to put into one’s body. And some organic compounds that one’s body needed to enable it to perform certain functions during periods of growth and change may no longer be needed in large quantities to maintain the balanced operation of certain cells. So changing life styles should be supported by dietary changes that will enable individuals to maintain a good healthy balance in how their bodies function. And some physical activities are probably too dangerous for individuals to try to do, particularly if they are out of shape or beyond the age when such activities could normally be considered.

So the maintenance of good balance and harmony in how your body functions is really a matter of making healthy choices in what you eat and do. And doctors can and should be consulted to help you to find the right chemicals or treatments to enable your body to maintain its balanced functions in situations where an injury or an organic “enemy” has invaded or otherwise hampered your health.

What symptoms of imbalance do you regularly encounter in your life? What personal choices are you regularly making that might be causing this imbalance? What should you be doing differently in your life to restore and to maintain organic and mental balance in your life? What are you ready to do to achieve and to maintain a healthy balance of organic functions and choices in your life? Let’s talk about this.