The U.S. Election

Unify our nation
Everyone agrees that the election of Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States of American was a major political achievement that has seldom, if ever, been seen before. It has been said that he has turned the political situation in these States on its “head”. He and the other political leaders of our country agree that they and the representatives of the people of this country need to now work respectfully together to unite our people at every level of government into a unified body of Americans who are committed to preserving and implementing the ideals of freedom and the rule of law and its principles of justice and respect for individual differences and dreams for everyone who chooses to participate in this special gathering of people in this world.

It is obvious that the people of this country are still divided in some of the basic objectives for their political activity in spite of the fact that one political party holds the majority of seats in both houses of Congress as well as the presidency, so the task of building unity through our political procedures will not be easy. New leaders will be installed into positions of responsibility. Some bureaucratic programs will be changed. New rules will be passed and others will be removed. Relationships between civic leaders at all levels of authority, domestic and foreign, will be reviewed and refreshed.

The residents of these United States will find themselves to be under a revised form of political processes that are somewhat different from what has been practiced for many previous decades, but the officials of these political processes will also be aware of a persist new voice with a clear message from a large group of American citizens who in the past have been somewhat silent and passive in regard to their individual participation in these processes. Politics in these United States will never return to “business as usual”.

Your participation
Regardless of whether or not you voted or which side of the aisle your representative in Congress sit or even if you are not a citizen of this country, you are going to be affected by the changes that are going to be implemented in the way that Americans conduct the business of their government from now on. What changes are you anxious to see made in our civic situation in these States? How do you plan to personally participate in this business from now on? Let’s talk about this in a positive way to enhance the ideals of the American form of government for all of our people.

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All lives matter

Really do they?

This is a much more extensive and more basic issue in our culture and in our country than just the discussion that has been taking place regarding racial relations between police officers and black or minority young men in our communities that has been generated by some acts of violence against individuals because of how we think about them, which has been considered “right”.

One of the most serious of these issues has to do with the deadly violence that is inflicted every day on the living bodies of human beings who with beating hearts are waiting for their bodies to mature to a level when they can be normally born into this world as a living child, but who in their mothers’ wombs can be subjected to intense physical procedures that stop their beating hearts or even poison them or suck out their brains while their hearts are still beating just because their mother has decided that the presence of this living human being in her body is a “threat” to her health or well being or has become an inconvenient unwanted person in her life. Does the life of that human being whose heart is beating inside of his or her mother’s womb really matter?

Another non -racial manifestation of this culture is the current legal right that states that a person who thinks that he is really a woman has the physical right to enter into public restrooms and locker rooms that have been traditionally reserved for the exclusive use of females to provide them with personal privacy and safety from any male persons who might harm them or watch them in their personal physical activities that would allow the personal intimate parts of their bodies to be exposed just because he now thinks that he is a female who has the legal right to be regarded and treated as a female even though he may still have the genitals of a male. Should a transsexual human being have the legal right to emotionally and even physically subject another human being to some impersonal invasive treatment just because he or she thinks that he or she shares a common gender quality with that person?

And to the point of our current racial issues between police officers and black or minority young men, should police officers really have the right to draw their deadly weapons and kill another person just because they think that the person presents them with a deadly threat to their life or that of others who are near by because they perceive that they have a gun or they have been advised by someone else that they “may have a gun” or may have committed an of violence against someone or been involved in another type of serious felony or are reaching for a gun? The right to defend one’s self by the use of deadly force has become a part of our legal culture that complicates this principle of “all lives matter”, particularly when the life and death decision may only be made in an interval of a split second of time. Do the lives of “suspects” really matter in such circumstances where split second decisions can easily be made by armed men because of what they think at the moment?

It should be apparent from these examples that there is a culture of violence in our society that is much more extensive and more easily accepted than the one that we are currently intensely discussing regarding racial relations between police officers and black or minority young men in our communities. And this extensive popular cultural attitude of how we think about others has some very personal implications for the safety and lives of others in our society, some of whom are absolutely helpless in their personal situations to go on living.

Let’s really talk about this

What is it really going to take to change this culture of violence in our society and to really demonstrate that “all lives matter”? I think that it is probably going to take more than a lot of talk about this matter. It is going to take some fundamental changes in our laws and their application in our courts. And it is going to take some real changes in how we think about ourselves and our relationships with others in this most diverse society of men and women, boys and girls, and young children of both sexes who are just beginning to try to learn who they really are in this world and country of a lot of different types of people.

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Transgender rights

Should they be legally established?
Basically I recognize that the transgender factors that effect the rights of individuals who believe that they are really of a different gender than what they physically appear to be is more mental than it is physical. This means that although a person may have a penis and testicles, this person really believes that “he” is a woman and not a man. Or although a person may have fully developed breasts and a vagina, “she” really believes that “she” is a man.

These factors of physical sexuality do not have the same legal status as do the physical characteristics that are evident with a person’s racial identity. I don’t believe that it is legally recognized that a person with “black” skin and other negro features should be legally regarded as being “white” just because he or she thinks that he or she is “white” and wants to be treated and regarded as being “white”. But it has been legally recognized that such “black” persons should have the same civic rights as “whites” because their racial characteristics are “normal” and they should not be legally abused or personally disrespected for displaying them or accepting them. Prejudice against a person because of his or her race, whether “black” or “white” or “brown” or “light” should be legally prohibited, because that is a “normal” factor of his or her conception and birth that is not a matter of his or her mental perception.

A transgender attitude of identification by a person should not be given legal status for civic rights, because it is not a “normal” factor of his or her conception and birth. Just because all human beings have nipples, both women and men, doesn’t make them all females. It only means that in the process of their conception and early development this female factor of their sexuality got initially established while other such physical factors took longer to be established and developed. Factors of racial physical characteristics can also be mixed in individuals, so many “black” individuals have some “white” genes in their DNA and many “white” individuals may have some “black” genes in their DNA. Or other individuals may have mixed racial factors in the composition of their DNA’s identifying make up. But the physical presence of these different genes is not given legal status in the civic rights of individuals with mixed racial genes in their bodies just because they think that should be regarded and treated as persons with some preferred “racial” characteristics. Questions or confusion regarding a person’s gender should be recognized as a mental disorder that is not “normal”. Technically such a mental state is referred to as transsexualism, which is best treated by a psychiatric examination and possible hormonal or surgical treatments. There is no good reason from professionals who understand this condition why individuals who suffer from this “mental disorder” should be given any legal rights to enter any private or semi-private space that has been reserved for persons of the opposite gender for which they have initially been identified.

Let’s talk about this
Legal efforts to allow transgenders to enter the personal space of others who are identified as members of the “opposite” gender are not professionally justified. And restrictions on such activity by transgenders is not a matter of discrimination that should be addressed by any civic laws. Let’s talk about this.

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Controlling violent people

The problem
There is a lot of talk and legislation going on in the United States regarding what to do about all of the violent murders and assaults that take place in our country everyday. Much of this has to do with controlling access to guns by individuals, but it should be recognized that guns are not the cause of the violence that concerns us; people are, and the challenge is controlling violent people. I don’t believe that a gun in a cabinet in someone’s home or on the shelf of a gun dealer has ever harmed anyone. And even a gun in a police officer’s holster should not be drawn by the officer to be used to enforce some law contrary to the laws that have been established for such action. A gun by its self anywhere seldom discharges and harms anyone.

We have established some laws to allow certain individuals access to guns, even to carry them on their bodies in public, but there are other laws in place to control the use of these deadly weapons by these individuals. Some of these laws seek to control the access to guns by individuals who have some degree of impaired mental functions that might hamper their abilities to make reasonable decisions regarding the use of guns, but the “problem” is with them and not with any gun.

The solution to the problem
So the solution to this problem is not to seek to control the distribution of guns to individuals, but it is to seek to reduce the level of violence, particularly that of a deadly nature, by individuals in the United States. Specific laws against the use of violence have only limited power in the decisions and actions of individuals who are in some ways motivated to take violent action against others. Their decisions and actions need to be controlled by an influencing personal power that is more dependable than laws. It is the power to be individuals who are able to live and to get along with others, even those who may “abuse” them or be “unfair” in their treatment of them or even to threaten them, by acts of love and peace that will basically change the controlling influences in their lives. God is the only source of such changing power in anyone’s life. For a statement regarding this matter, I invite the readers of this post to check out my statement regarding “God’s Work of Redemption” at God’s work of redemption.

Let’s talk about this. Violence is a topic of great interest in the United States, and the control of potentially violent individuals is one of our basic problems.

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A statement should be accepted as being “true” when it clearly communicates the real factual nature or quality of the subject of its wordy remark. It may only be partially “true” if it fails to state all of the important basic facts or qualities of its subject. It may be considered to be a dangerous statement if it doesn’t include some of the real factual qualities of the subject that could mislead its hearer in regard to his or her understanding of the nature and quality of it. Although things and individuals and situations may change, “true” statements about such subjects should reflect those real changes in order for them to be accepted as “truth”.

Some individuals seem to believe that there is no statement of absolute “truth”, that no statement can be absolutely “true” about the real nature or quality of any subject that it cites in its remark. I understand that such a statement “ that there is no statement of absolute “truth”” cannot be “true”, because it would reject what is factually real about much that we observe and experience and depend upon in our lives in this world. Such a statement must just be an “opinion” about the subject by its author.

Specific statements that are made by anyone who is knowingly seeking to deceive anyone about the real factual nature or quality of his or her remark is lying. Such statements are “lies”, and they should always considered to be dangerous and of no value in human living and commerce. On the other hand, statements that are “true” are always good. Our minds are impacted every day with hundreds of statements about hundreds of subjects that can and do have important implications for what we think and how we choose to live in this world. From early childhood through the years of old age individuals are confronted with the challenge of trying to understand what is “true” about what they encounter in their lives so they can have a wise perspective on these subjects and their personal importance as remarks of “truth”. The process of discerning what is “true” and what is a statement of “truth” is not easy, because we often can be easily deceived by our own selfish desires and foolish opinions into accepting “lies” as statements that are “true” and of some personal benefit in our lives and commerce.

What would you consider to be a statement of absolute “truth”? How would you define the difference between what is a “true” statement and what is only a matter of “opinion”? For a statement about the “gift” of “truth” go to Truth. Let’s talk about this.

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Cleanliness can make a person more attractive. There is something radiant about cleanly brushed hair, a clear glowing complexion, bright eyes, and a happy smile with clean shining teeth on a person’s head at the top of a normally shaped body that is modestly covered with clean clothing. And the attractive impression of such cleanliness is greatly enhanced by the person’s projection of an inner cleanliness that comes from a happy positive disposition that is generated by clean thoughts of what is basically loving and good and humble.

I’m sure that anyone would find the appearance of such a person to be attractive in most circumstances. Most individuals are relatively “normal”, and models of excellent “beauty” are somewhat “special”. But such “beauty” cannot be effectively displayed without some degree of cleanliness being present. No one is perfect, so no one is perfectly “clean”, but most of us can probably do some things to improve our degree of cleanliness as we present ourselves to others in this world.

I don’t think that it takes a lot of money to be clean. The application of a little soap and water can do wonders to one’s body and clothes. A person doesn’t have to join a health club or go to an exercise room three times a week to keep in shape. You don’t have to wear fancy and expensive designer clothes in order to be attractive. The basic ingredients for a healthy diet are usually not expensive, and such a diet might enable an individual to avoid having to spend money on medicine and doctors’ fees. And the resources for a person’s inner cleanliness are readily available as “gifts” from God to those who will only trust him for his loving providential care and forgiving grace in Jesus through his indwelling Spirit. For a statement about this matter see Living by the Spirit on this website.

How do you evaluate the importance and value of cleanliness in regard to a person’s attractiveness? What do you think makes a person attractive? Let’s talk about this.

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Improving your potential

You current situation
Once that you “grow up”, leave home, and get out on your own, you begin to realize that it might be well to see what you can do to improve your potential in life. You may understand that your parents or others who have cared for you have given you a lot of basic resources and training to enable you to survive in this world and other teachers have equipped you with some basic knowledge and skills in various procedures to enable you to participate in most of the functions for one’s daily life. The following information is a brief guide that may enable you to improve your potential in your daily life.

Here is a basic formula for this process: current situation + available resources + work = potential.

Perhaps you quickly realized that in order to expand your supply of available resources for your life you needed to get more education in particular fields of knowledge or work. So you went to college or a trade school and got an advanced degree or certificate. Or maybe after you finished high school you just starting working at some menial job to make some personal cash while you tried to figure out what you were going to do with your life. Perhaps you realized at this point that there was really no one in the entire world that had to employ you or to pay you to do anything for them. And in spite of your estimated value as a worker, they would only pay you what they figured you to be worth to them in their business. Or perhaps you have been working effectively for several years, but you are wondering if it might be possible to improve your potential, to make more money or to achieve more personal satisfaction in what you were doing everyday.

In any case the basic formula must be applied. You will need to expand your supply of available resources and engage in more work. You will not be able to improve your potential by just continuing to do what you usually do. Practicing acquired skills can enable one to improve in their expression, but the world is changing so fast and new threats to one’s security and effective productivity in life are so extensive that everyone needs to be continually upgrading his or her personal tools for work and his or her understanding of what is going on in order to remain useful and comfortable in one’s situation. If you are not improving your potential for living, you are dying.

Acquiring more resources
As indicated above, you can acquire more resources by going through more years of formal education and training. But you can also acquire more resources and knowledge by just expanding what you choose to read and to study. Give up some of your free time that you spend to be entertained to investigate a new field of knowledge or service. Learn a new language or develop a new hobby as in art or music. Read some of the old classical literature on the library’s shelves. Learn how to do more on your computer or just to improve your diet. New tools for communication and work are being added everyday to the list of available resources that a person has for effective and satisfying living. You can improve your potential in living by learning how to use some of them.

Improving your work experience
As you expand your knowledge and demonstrate that you are improving your personal and working skills, your employer may be willing to give you new opportunities for more work or different responsibilities in his or her business. You should probably consider these as opportunities to improve your potential, even if he or she is not paying you a lot more for new responsibilities. The skills and knowledge that you acquire through the new responsibilities cannot be taken away from you, and they will make you a better worker no matter where you go. You might also consider improving your work experience by volunteering to serve in some new field of work in which you have never engaged. That might be in a community agency that uses volunteers for some of their areas of service. Or it might be just a temporary need for some workers in an emergency. In any case, such new work experience will enable you to improve your potential.

A specific plan to improve your potential
Improving your potential in living and working in this world is probably not going to happen accidentally. You will need to give some extensive and careful thought to this matter if you expect to achieve any significant results. Write out a complete evaluation of your current situation, including your strengths and weaknesses, your joys, and your frustrating disappointments. Then write out a statement of what you would like to change or to improve. Finally write out a plan for making those changes and improvements. Recognize that the words that you use to express those changes and improvements will serve as the steps for the procedures that you will need to take to make those changes and improvements. Since you will not be able to implement your complete plan all at once, it will need to include a time line for its implementation. Such a time line will give you a practical schedule for this process, and it will also serve as an evaluating tool for your plan.

Conclusion regarding improving your potential
Since few of us are perfect and situations in the world do not allow us to remain effective all of the time, each of us probably needs to be engaged in improving our potential. What do you think? Which of the above suggestions do you think might be helpful in this process? Let’s talk about this.

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