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You current situation
Once that you “grow up”, leave home, and get out on your own, you begin to realize that it might be well to see what you can do to improve your potential in life. You may understand that your parents or others who have cared for you have given you a lot of basic resources and training to enable you to survive in this world and other teachers have equipped you with some basic knowledge and skills in various procedures to enable you to participate in most of the functions for one’s daily life. The following information is a brief guide that may enable you to improve your potential in your daily life.

Here is a basic formula for this process: current situation + available resources + work = potential.

Perhaps you quickly realized that in order to expand your supply of available resources for your life you needed to get more education in particular fields of knowledge or work. So you went to college or a trade school and got an advanced degree or certificate. Or maybe after you finished high school you just starting working at some menial job to make some personal cash while you tried to figure out what you were going to do with your life. Perhaps you realized at this point that there was really no one in the entire world that had to employ you or to pay you to do anything for them. And in spite of your estimated value as a worker, they would only pay you what they figured you to be worth to them in their business. Or perhaps you have been working effectively for several years, but you are wondering if it might be possible to improve your potential, to make more money or to achieve more personal satisfaction in what you were doing everyday.

In any case the basic formula must be applied. You will need to expand your supply of available resources and engage in more work. You will not be able to improve your potential by just continuing to do what you usually do. Practicing acquired skills can enable one to improve in their expression, but the world is changing so fast and new threats to one’s security and effective productivity in life are so extensive that everyone needs to be continually upgrading his or her personal tools for work and his or her understanding of what is going on in order to remain useful and comfortable in one’s situation. If you are not improving your potential for living, you are dying.

Acquiring more resources
As indicated above, you can acquire more resources by going through more years of formal education and training. But you can also acquire more resources and knowledge by just expanding what you choose to read and to study. Give up some of your free time that you spend to be entertained to investigate a new field of knowledge or service. Learn a new language or develop a new hobby as in art or music. Read some of the old classical literature on the library’s shelves. Learn how to do more on your computer or just to improve your diet. New tools for communication and work are being added everyday to the list of available resources that a person has for effective and satisfying living. You can improve your potential in living by learning how to use some of them.

Improving your work experience
As you expand your knowledge and demonstrate that you are improving your personal and working skills, your employer may be willing to give you new opportunities for more work or different responsibilities in his or her business. You should probably consider these as opportunities to improve your potential, even if he or she is not paying you a lot more for new responsibilities. The skills and knowledge that you acquire through the new responsibilities cannot be taken away from you, and they will make you a better worker no matter where you go. You might also consider improving your work experience by volunteering to serve in some new field of work in which you have never engaged. That might be in a community agency that uses volunteers for some of their areas of service. Or it might be just a temporary need for some workers in an emergency. In any case, such new work experience will enable you to improve your potential.

A specific plan to improve your potential
Improving your potential in living and working in this world is probably not going to happen accidentally. You will need to give some extensive and careful thought to this matter if you expect to achieve any significant results. Write out a complete evaluation of your current situation, including your strengths and weaknesses, your joys, and your frustrating disappointments. Then write out a statement of what you would like to change or to improve. Finally write out a plan for making those changes and improvements. Recognize that the words that you use to express those changes and improvements will serve as the steps for the procedures that you will need to take to make those changes and improvements. Since you will not be able to implement your complete plan all at once, it will need to include a time line for its implementation. Such a time line will give you a practical schedule for this process, and it will also serve as an evaluating tool for your plan.

Conclusion regarding improving your potential
Since few of us are perfect and situations in the world do not allow us to remain effective all of the time, each of us probably needs to be engaged in improving our potential. What do you think? Which of the above suggestions do you think might be helpful in this process? Let’s talk about this.

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