Happy New Year

It is present

The New Year is here. It is started, and its arrival has been celebrated around the world. Our calendars tell us that we are into a new year, although the sun appeared as it usually does and our clocks display the time as they usually do, but we declare that it is a new year, 2018.

But its quality is still unclear

I don’t know about you, but my new year began with a severe old
pain in the left side of my lower back that woke me up in the very early hours of another new day and is forcing me to walk around our old house with a cane to keep from falling down. I’ve taken some pills to try to relieve the pain, but I’m going to have to see a doctor as soon as possible to get some treatment for this problem that isn’t making me too happy.

How has your New Year started? Are the old pains gone? Do some of the old problems and concerns still weigh you down and detract from your happiness? What were you hoping for when the sun rose on a new day for you and you realized that you were in a New Year? The quality of your day and the days to follow through the year will largely be determined by the nature of the decisions that you make in the moments of consciousness that the Lord gives to you. That is really all of the time that you actually have to do anything in your situation. There is a saying that “If you keep doing what you have always done, it is crazy to expect any different results from your actions.”

Have you made any really new decisions on this new day in this new year? Or have you just repeated some old “resolutions” that you probably weren’t quite ever able to accomplish? That is probably the case, because it seems to be my situation. Individuals may be happy to get a “new year” on their calendars, but they find it hard to get out of the old “ruts” of their past years.

The challenge before you

What would really make your New Year a happy one for you this time? What new decision will you have to make to begin to implement that change in your life? Washing the salt off of your car in the middle of a messy winter or polishing up its old paint isn’t going to make it new. Let’s talk about this.

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Happy New Year — 2 Comments

  1. Hey BOB ; pains are distracting , they are as one of my friends say , ” attacts from the eniemy”. Something important in my life is happening , so these distractions come into my personal body !
    Ok forget those ‘New Year resolutions ‘, they mostly make us falures !
    God I’m expecting YOU to do marvelous and wonderful things in our future , that includes our Health ( physically and Spiritually) ! * ! * ! *
    Pray one for another !

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