Going home

Many people will be going home for Christmas to celebrate the holiday with their parents and grandparents and other relatives. The necessary trips are part of the experience, but they can be filled with problems if there is bad weather on the way. Nevertheless “home” offers everyone a lot of special memories and joys as the family gathers for the celebration, and these memories and joys can be good. But what good experience can parents and their children have when even their home has been foreclosed and they are forced to seek shelter away from home or they can’t go home?

Several years ago my father was in a nursing home where he was being cared for as he suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. One day he told his wife, during her regular visit, that he was going home

She tried to correct him by indicating that he could not return to their home because of his condition, but he insisted that he was going home, and then he corrected her by pointed up above, indicating the location of the “home” in the heavens to which he was going. Two weeks later he died and took the trip to his new “home”.

What does going home mean to you?

What good memories do you have of Christmas celebrations at home? What about the trips, were they also good? What makes going home a good experience? Where is your “home” really, and are you ready for the trip? Let’s talk about this.

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