Filters provide a very good service in our lives. They can remove some impurities or “dirt” from the water that we drink and the air that we breath. They can protect our computers from viruses and the nuisance of “spam”. But it is also good to have filters to protect us from the “dirt” that can pollute what we see. Such filters do not just remove the “dirt” from the field of view; they block out the entire field. That is good. It is not possible to create a filter that can make pornography “pure” or to make it look “good”.

No filter can put clothes on a naked woman or man that is present in one’s field of view

Yet TV producers try to attract viewers with sexual themes and “soft porn” or slightly immodest female wardrobes, and the Internet is a field that is open to pornography unless some filters against it are put into place by its viewers and distributors.

Not only do children and youth need to be protected from “dirty” fields of view by laws and filters against pornography, but adults as well need to have filters in place to protect them from polluted fields of view. There is much beauty to see in our world, including the beauty of children, young men and women, and adults, but much of this beauty has been polluted by pornography.

What filters for your field of view would be good in your life?

Let us talk about this.

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