Feeling good

Feeling good is OK

It is OK to want to feel good. Your body was designed to operate in ways that enable you to feel good. All of your organs were created to work together in harmony and in coordinated ways with each other, even through periods of growth and other normal changes. It is normal and OK for a child to feel some pain and discomfort when he or she is cutting teeth, but a sore throat and spells of coughing are not OK. Such pain and physical reflexes are signs that something is wrong and not good. Unusual and persistent pain is a sign that some part of your body has been injured, is being attacked by some “foreign” element which will probably be labeled as an “infection”, is being subject to unusual stresses or strains, or is in other ways not functioning normally. A certain amount of pain should be considered to be OK if you are pushing your muscles to become bigger so that they can increase their abilities to perform their intended functions, but such “pushing” should still be done within normal ranges of muscular function that ultimately enable you to feel good. A good physical workout should not make you “sick”.

And feeling good is also a mental state

And feeling good is not just a condition of being free from physical pain or discomfort. It is also a mental state of being at ease with your present circumstances and immediate prospects for your future existence. So being free from fear, worry, and persistent anxiety are important factors in your ability to keep feeling good. And persistent emotions of anger and guilt and sorrow can hamper your ability to feel good, and they may even cause physical signs of stress to appear within your body.

And you can make choices regarding what you do to feel good

So you were created with a body that was normally designed to physically and mentally enable you to feel good and to warn you in direct physical and mental ways when you and your body were not operating in ways that could maintain that condition of feeling good. In such circumstances a change in your life style might be required, or maybe some medicine or other chemicals or special nutrients could help your body recover from some unusual problem, or maybe the loving consultation of a relative or friend could help you get through a difficult experience, or maybe you need to consult with God who created you to get his loving instructions regarding how you can live each day in internal harmony feeling good about your circumstances and prospects for each moment of time that you have.

But you will be wise to recognize that not all of the chemicals and things that you can put into your body or do to your body or contemplate with your mind or choose to do are equally good for you or helpful in your specific circumstances. You may need to avoid some foods, give up some drugs, change some habits, and rethink some desires and attitudes that may have led you into circumstances for living that were not conducive for ultimately feeling good but were basically harmful and deadly.

Feeling good may not be easy, but it is possible

A persistent condition of feeling good all of the time is probably not possible, which is why pain can be such a impressive teacher. But if we can learn from what we physically suffer and from our times of mental anxiety and depression, then an ongoing condition of feeling good is possible. What changes in your life style are you willing to make in order to feel good? What loving and wise instructions for living each day with feelings of peace and vitality are you willing to consider in order to feel good? Let’s talk about this.

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