Danger Ahead Bridge Out

Danger ahead; political gridlock

The election of Barack Obama to serve as president of these “divided” States for another four years has not provided a strong bridge over the economic chasm toward which we are heading. And the chasm is not just an economic matter, it is a matter of national security. Four more years of political gridlock in Congress in the face of ongoing economic changes in the world’s markets and resources and the persistent efforts of our enemies to destroy us does not offer any of us Americans much hope for a return to a prosperous and safe America.

The bridge is out

Some Americans tried to establish a strong “bridge” over this chasm through the reasonable political process of a free election of political representatives, but it did not work because of the political power of a few “swing” states that were able to give a political “victory” to Barack Obama without putting in place a strong “bridge” or even a well defined “road” to the political compromises that reasonable citizens were hoping for from this election. As president Obama seeks to move “forward” with his political agenda, I don’t believe that there is any strong “bridge” in place that is going to enable him and his friendly supporters to restore prosperity to Americans and even to guarantee our safety.

Various options

What are the various options that now face our congressional representatives? What can we as individual and gathered citizens now do to provide a strong “bridge” over this chasm toward which we are now heading? What practical steps can be taken to “bridge” the emotional and conceptual gaps that strongly divide us as Americans from each other so that we can use our common resources to meet our common needs? And who or what “leaders” are going to implement these steps for us? Let’s talk about this.

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  1. There are a lot of world activities taking place in the middle east that affect Israel and the United States. The United States for most of the time has been a strong ally of Israel, but lately that alliance has decreased to the place where United States is no longer a strong ally. Obama has come onto the scene and the more I see everything that he is doing and by the number of executive orders that he has passed, I see that he is gaining control over the United States and the efforts of Congress. Some of the characteristics that he possesses are similar to the ones Daniel and Zechariah in their prophecies, and Paul expressed in Thessalonians about the prince who is to come, a fierce king, a master of intrigue, a despicable man, a worthless shepherd, the one who brings destruction, the lawless one, the evil man. His charismatic personality enhanced by his speaking ability will be used to sway the masses with spellbinding words of power and promise. Such a leader knows how to exalt people to dizzying heights or worldly greatness and fame and how to control the greatness so that it may be employed against God and his people. He will begin as a minor political leader, attract little attention, and methodically begin to grasp more and more power. Obama meets the characteristics of a fine looking candidate with a golden voice, a powerful presence, and the ability to enthrall people with vague rhetoric about an undefined better future. The United States has followed like sheep headed for the slaughter. There have been many wake up calls for the United States to return to God and I think the last one is the reelection of Obama as President. Dick

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