Controlling violent people

The problem
There is a lot of talk and legislation going on in the United States regarding what to do about all of the violent murders and assaults that take place in our country everyday. Much of this has to do with controlling access to guns by individuals, but it should be recognized that guns are not the cause of the violence that concerns us; people are, and the challenge is controlling violent people. I don’t believe that a gun in a cabinet in someone’s home or on the shelf of a gun dealer has ever harmed anyone. And even a gun in a police officer’s holster should not be drawn by the officer to be used to enforce some law contrary to the laws that have been established for such action. A gun by its self anywhere seldom discharges and harms anyone.

We have established some laws to allow certain individuals access to guns, even to carry them on their bodies in public, but there are other laws in place to control the use of these deadly weapons by these individuals. Some of these laws seek to control the access to guns by individuals who have some degree of impaired mental functions that might hamper their abilities to make reasonable decisions regarding the use of guns, but the “problem” is with them and not with any gun.

The solution to the problem
So the solution to this problem is not to seek to control the distribution of guns to individuals, but it is to seek to reduce the level of violence, particularly that of a deadly nature, by individuals in the United States. Specific laws against the use of violence have only limited power in the decisions and actions of individuals who are in some ways motivated to take violent action against others. Their decisions and actions need to be controlled by an influencing personal power that is more dependable than laws. It is the power to be individuals who are able to live and to get along with others, even those who may “abuse” them or be “unfair” in their treatment of them or even to threaten them, by acts of love and peace that will basically change the controlling influences in their lives. God is the only source of such changing power in anyone’s life. For a statement regarding this matter, I invite the readers of this post to check out my statement regarding “God’s Work of Redemption” at God’s work of redemption.

Let’s talk about this. Violence is a topic of great interest in the United States, and the control of potentially violent individuals is one of our basic problems.

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Controlling violent people — 3 Comments

  1. Bob, I agree that God is the only solution to end the violence and source for a person to change directions in life. Controlling access to guns or putting gun laws into place is not the answer. I believe when a person wants to kill someone with a gun or by other means, they will do it. We need God’s saving grace in our lives. That’s the only solution. God Bless, Linda

  2. Hi Bob,
    I had just checked out your website and enjoyed it, being filled with great info and Biblical insight! So that lead me to this Blog. Great Blog with enough posts to set up camp and read for awhile!

    About the topic at hand, I’m reminded of something someone said, “Political solutions will never solve spiritual problems.” That’s what we’ve been seeing going on in the U.S., it hasn’t worked yet, nor will it ever. There’s only one who will be able to fix political issues spawned from spiritual wickedness, and that’s Christ Jesus when he comes to rule with a rod of iron.

    Until then, we need to pray, be seen in the world and be seen by the world, and bring as much Jesus to people as we are able. Though he’s not yet come to rule from his throne upon the earth, he is available to rule in the hearts of his temples, which we are.
    Thanks for sharing and God bless you and all of your readers in the name of Jesus!

  3. Hi Brian, I’m very happy to publish your comment to my post. Before I left our local church, I kept telling my Sunday School class that there were no “political solutions” to the problems that we face. I’m glad to note that we agree on this. I think that we share the same perspective on a lot of matters. I trust that you will respond to other posts that I have published on my blog, and you may note that many of my posts lead logically to some of the resource statements that I have published on my website. This is intentional.

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