Common sense?

In light of what Congress is doing in our country, the current economic crisis that we all are facing, and the approaching elections, it would be well for us to take a look at some of the benefits of common sense in all of these matters. Here are a few of the qualities of common sense that I think make it so good. Common sense knows the difference between a wise investment and one that is probably too risky and too expensive. Citizens with common sense recognize that everything has a cost, and there are no “free lunches”.

People with common sense know what is ultimately fair and what is basically unfair

A person doesn’t have to a be lawyer to know what is honest and what is dishonest. Anyone with common sense immediately knows the difference. A worker with common sense knows what is probably going to work and what is likely to fail. Individuals with common sense know that it is very difficult to force anyone to do anything against their will even though it might be the wise and beneficial thing to do.  Individuals with common sense understand that change is inevitable, but forward progress that will ultimately be beneficial takes wise leadership and a lot of hard work over the course of time.

Citizens with common sense recognize that more people who are working together in common endeavors will make decisions that are better for them than letting a few individuals who have some power to make those decisions for them. If it can be recognized that these are some good benefits that come from common sense, then why is it that so few of our representatives in Congress and leaders from around the world seem to have this resource as they make important decisions?  What do you think is good about common sense? How can we spread this resource round? Let’s talk about this.

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  1. Common sense is sometimes looking at a situation in a logical way, then weighing the negatives against the positives and deciding whether to proceed with the action taken to respond to the problem. Some time most of the people just jump right in with both feet before they even consider the consequences of the action they have taken. The more people you are able to communicate with in regards to a problem and the possible solutions that you are contemplating the better off you will be. Don’t be in a hurry to solve your problems that you encounter, but first take those problems to the Lord in prayer and listen for his response.

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