Common good?

Since when has the common good stopped to be a priority for our elected representatives?

Apparently a large number of independent voters in Massachusetts decided to vote for Scott Brown, a Republican, on January 19th because in his campaign for Ted Kennedy’s Democratic seat in the US Senate he offered a political agenda that was more in line with what they recognized as being for the good of more Americans than the agenda and legislative programs that were being pushed and proposed by the major political parties. Many commentators have noted that the citizens of MA as well as a majority of people throughout the country are “angry” with Washington and the direction that President Obama and their representatives seem to be taking us.

It seems to be assumed that legislation, even including that for health care reform, will have to be more in keeping with what is the center of concerns for Americans rather than what is seen to be in keeping with the agendas of either the left or right political positions in our political operations.

I think that this is a sensible strategy for our representatives in the Senate as well as in the House of Representatives to take, but I’m concerned that they may not have a very clear perspective on what is really good for all Americans, what is the common good for all of the citizens that they represent. It has been noted by some commentators that Washington may not really understand “main street” America. What do you think is the common good that our president and our representatives in Congress should be seeking to implement in our daily lives? Let’s talk about this.

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Common good? — 9 Comments

  1. Well, we have placed a lot of hope in Scott Brown. All eyes will be upon him for some time…A lot hangs on him. He, right now, is an extremely important member of our congress. Or will be, rather, when he gets sworn in.

  2. Issac,
    I don’t think that Scott Brown or any of our other congressional representatives are free enough from their own self interests and those of the lobbyists to make the appropriate changes in how they spend our money. I don’t believe that the “common good” for Americans can be purchased on credit that is going to saddle all of us and several generations to come with a burden of debt that will be impossible to pay off. They can’t seem to clarify what health care reforms would be for the “common good” and how they should be paid for, and they don’t seem to know how to create more jobs for Americans. Thanks for your comment. Let’s continue this discussion.

  3. I don’t usually respond to articles but I will in this situation. Appealing article. Where did you got all the info from? Anyhow thank you for this very good post! My best wishes, Fredricka Hansford.

    • Hi Fredricka,
      I get most of my information for posts like this from the daily news reports and various commentators, and I’ve been around long enough to have learned a few things about these matters. In spite of all of the talk by politicians and their supporters for this coming election, I’m still not sure that many of them understand or are committed to what is the “common good” for all Americans. I think that too many of them are just willing to say anything that they feel will get them elected into the best “club” in the world, that is the American Congress. What do you think represents the “common good” for all Americans?

    • Vega,
      Freedom and a “good life” are certainly parts of the “common good” that we all seek, but freedom doesn’t depend “on money”. Neither freedom nor a “good life” can be purchased on a credit card. Such purchases only obligate the spender to a debt. For some further commentary on this matter see this blog,

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