Cleanliness can make a person more attractive. There is something radiant about cleanly brushed hair, a clear glowing complexion, bright eyes, and a happy smile with clean shining teeth on a person’s head at the top of a normally shaped body that is modestly covered with clean clothing. And the attractive impression of such cleanliness is greatly enhanced by the person’s projection of an inner cleanliness that comes from a happy positive disposition that is generated by clean thoughts of what is basically loving and good and humble.

I’m sure that anyone would find the appearance of such a person to be attractive in most circumstances. Most individuals are relatively “normal”, and models of excellent “beauty” are somewhat “special”. But such “beauty” cannot be effectively displayed without some degree of cleanliness being present. No one is perfect, so no one is perfectly “clean”, but most of us can probably do some things to improve our degree of cleanliness as we present ourselves to others in this world.

I don’t think that it takes a lot of money to be clean. The application of a little soap and water can do wonders to one’s body and clothes. A person doesn’t have to join a health club or go to an exercise room three times a week to keep in shape. You don’t have to wear fancy and expensive designer clothes in order to be attractive. The basic ingredients for a healthy diet are usually not expensive, and such a diet might enable an individual to avoid having to spend money on medicine and doctors’ fees. And the resources for a person’s inner cleanliness are readily available as “gifts” from God to those who will only trust him for his loving providential care and forgiving grace in Jesus through his indwelling Spirit. For a statement about this matter see Living by the Spirit on this website.

How do you evaluate the importance and value of cleanliness in regard to a person’s attractiveness? What do you think makes a person attractive? Let’s talk about this.

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  1. I believe the most attractive person is honest, kind, humble and loving. Inner beauty out weighs external beauty by far. Having a clean heart and sound mind is a treasure worth obtaining. I’m striving to obtain this every day.The outward appearances will wither away with time.The heart and mindset of a person will determine the final destiny. Forever! I would rather be ugly on the outside to man and beautiful on the inside to God.

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