Birds Feed

It is a good educational experience to watch the birds feed at the feeders in our yard. They seem to know what is good to eat and what isn’t. They won’t eat some seed that has apparently spoiled in the feeder. They discard the husks around other types of seeds, leaving them to clutter up our yard while they consume the good seeds. If I fail to fill the feeders, they don’t stay in the near-by tree waiting for me to feed them. But when I put fresh seeds in the feeders, they are there within minutes, and I don’t have to ring any bell.

Why don’t we humans have as much sense as these birds so that we would know the difference between what is good to eat and what isn’t good to eat? Too many of us seem determined to eat too much sugar or too much salt or too much fat or too many calories, and then we have to spend lots of money to try to correct the problems in our bodies that are created by these poor choices in what we eat.

How do birds feed?

What can we learn from watching the birds feed? Why do too many of us persist in eating what we don’t need to eat or what isn’t good for us? Whom are we willing to trust to keep our “feeders” filled with a daily supply of good food? Let’s talk about this.

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  1. Hi, I just hopped over to your website using StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might usually read, but I liked your thoughts none the less. Thank you for creating something well worth reading.

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