Benefits of Erectile dysfunction

The condition of an erectile dysfunction in men may have some benefits if us men could see it as a physical reminder that there are other forms of intimate communication with one’s female spouse than sexual intercourse. Maybe there are benefits to erectile dysfunction. More “moments” for intimacy are probably missed by men in their relationships with their wives because they weren’t ready to listen to them than because they weren’t ready to engage in sex with them.

The unseen benefits of erectile dysfunction

Many wives would probably have bigger more frequent smiles on their faces if their husbands would only hear and respond to their appeals for their tender strong help and support in the midst of the messy kitchen or the cluttered living room rather than trying to get them to retreat to a peaceful spot outdoors where they could relax naked in “matching bathtubs” (if you get the “picture”). Drug companies could probably make millions of dollars more if they could make a pill that would make male eardrums more sensitive to female calls for tender loving help than the variety of pills that they now make to improve the flow of blood in the male’s erectile tissue.

E.D. may be the body’s way of telling men that it is time to give more attention to listening to their wives and responding to their needs with tender efforts of help and words of loving appreciation and encouragement than with the physical activity of sexual intercourse. Could there be any solid truth to the benefits of erectile dysfunction in men? What do you think? Let’s talk about this.

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Benefits of Erectile dysfunction — 11 Comments

  1. Generally, it is believed that 15 percent of couples meet with failure when attempting their first pregnancy, since 80-85 percent of couples achieve pregnancy within twelve months of unprotected sexual intercourse. There is evidence from clinical data to show that in 30 percent of cases of infertility, the problem is with the man alone. While in another 20 percent, the man and the woman both share the ‘reason’ for the couple’s infertility. Therefore in 50 percent of infertility cases, the problem is wholly or partly from the man. This fact might be too much for persons to believe, but it should be understood that the male reproductive system is almost as complex as that of the females. Also, from conception to menopause, the male stands almost the chance of reproductive malfunction or abnormality as the woman.

  2. The subject of this blog is not concerned with cures for erectile disfunction or problems of infertility for couples but with some possible benefits that might come when a man has an experience of erectile disfunction, particularly when the condition seems to be very persistent. Let’s talk about this subject.

  3. Hi Christian,
    I note that this is your second comment in a couple of days. I would like to discuss these issues with you, and not just serve as a billboard for your links. As a woman or a man, what benefits do you experience when a man suffers from an erectile disfunction?

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