Bad weather

It is apparent to millions of people that approaching bad weather can’t be stopped. The only good thing associated with it is probably the timely warnings that enable cities and individuals in its path to be ready for its arrival and to take appropriate actions to avoid its dangerous effects. Weather is too big an event to be controlled. There is another big event that has been predicted for years. It is the return of Jesus in physical form back to this earth. This prediction was made by Jesus himself and it is well documented in the scriptures of the New Testament.

Bad Weather: the prophecies

Christian teachers and preachers have been describing some of its particular details for centuries. Although there is not any specific agreement among these prophets in regard to exactly when this event is going to occur or the sequence of described events that will accompany it, they do basically agree that Jesus is going to return to earth in physical form. (For a good statement regarding this biblical prophecy see this article by Richard Innes “Will Jesus Christ Return to Earth?”) For those who are ready, it will be an event of great blessing.

Are you ready for the bad weather?

For those who are not ready, it will be an event of severe personal judgment. What do you anticipate as the good benefits of these big events? How did you prepare for the approaching storms? Are you ready for the return of Jesus? If not, you might examine this statement regarding the plan of salvation. What’s your take on the impending bad weather? It would be good to talk about this matter. Let’s talk.

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