What are antiques?

Antiques are basically considered to be old items that were created to be used, which are things that are still around after years or centuries of time have passed. Although they may no longer be needed for any useful function, they are still considered to be valuable because they are scarce, that is due to the fact that there are few of them left in any workable or useful condition that could be considered as being “good”. It is this utilitarian function that marks something as an “antique” rather than a piece of “classical” art or valuable painting. And their value may be increased by the presence of any special artistic features in their appearance and any high level of personal quality workmanship in their construction. Such art and workmanship may not be displayed in similar items from current or recent times. Commonly antique stuff is seen in some pieces of old furniture, like cabinets or desks or tables or clocks or lamps or bowls, or this quality of antiquity may be seen in an old well made intricate toy or garment or bed spread.

What antiques do you have?

Do you have some old items of furniture or kitchen utensils that you may have inherited from your grandparents that you no longer use but they are still around, maybe stored in some dark place? You may not even know of its value on the “antique” market, but nevertheless you have kept it, probably for some “sentimental” reason. What are they? Maybe you like to shop for “antiques” in flea markets or look for unusual and interesting items in local garage sales, maybe hoping to strike it rich with a fine that may be “valuable”. Do you do this?

What things of value to you have in your life?

Considering a bigger perspective than just what old items of utilitarian “antique” value that you may have in your life, I invite you to give some consideration to what things in your life have real value because they were especially created, are particularly beautiful, and have proven to be long lasting and very endurable. What such “antiques” or treasures do you have in your life? Let’s talk about this.

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