Bible Studies

The following Bible Studies have been written by Rev. Robert Sherbondy for use in small groups. They are written to promote discussion among the participants. Some of the studies are inductive in their learning approach to personal knowledge and understanding. Other studies make more use of a deductive approach to learning. Each participant is encouraged to apply what he or she has learned in the educational process to his or her own situation in accord with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Free copies of any of these Bible Studies will be sent as email attachments to interested pastors or teachers or individuals who would like to use them in local groups or classes or for their own personal spiritual growth. Then additional copies of materials for the participants can be made and distributed. Please cite the desired curriculum or study in an email request to the .

The Available Studies

This is a series of 5 courses through 14 inductive Bible study sessions for small groups. With the help of a facilitator, participants will be brought in their study and discussions to a point where they will be encouraged to make a decision regarding their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Then the participants will engage for 3 sessions in a study and discussion of some initial steps in discipleship for living as Christians. Please note that the passages of Scripture and the discussion questions could be used by a preacher/teacher with participants who are illiterate simply by having the preacher/teacher read the cited passage of Scripture and lead a discussion of the cited questions. The outline of the curriculum is as follows:
(course) God Is Love (course) Human Beings Are Disconnected From God (course) Only Jesus Can Be Your Savior (course) Sinner’s Reconciliation with God (course) Initial Steps As a Disciple of Jesus

This is a series of basic inductive Bible studies for new Christians who may be wondering what comes after they have been “born again” by their faithful acceptance of Jesus as their savior and Lord. These courses can be used with very new Christians or they could be used with more mature Christians who may just want to review some of these basic matters of the Christian life. These are the courses:
Being Effective In Your Prayers To God
Being A Victorious Warrior In Your Battle With The Devil
Being A Faithful Steward Of The Resources And Gifts That God Has Given To You
Being An Enthusiastic Witness To God’s Grace In Jesus Christ
Being An Appointed Servant of God (a new course)
Being An Inspired Worshiper of the Lord God (a new course)

This Bible Study will examine 8 of the most important titles that were given to Jesus out of the 55 that were attached to him in the New Testament. Basic information regarding each of these 8 titles is presented in a Note about that title for use by the teacher or leader of the study. Outlines with the basic information for each title are provided for the participants as they share in the study and discussion of the Bible and related resources. The Ouline for this study is as follows:
Session 1: Difficulties Regarding the Identification of Jesus
Session 2: Prophet
Session 3: Christ or Messiah
Session 4: Son of God
Session 5: Son of Man
Session 6: The Word
Session 7: Servant of God
Session 8: Savior
Session 9: Lord; and Important points for Participants

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