A friendly rescue

Their situation

They were swimming with a small group of other guests in the calm waters of the cove that was one of the enjoyable features of the resort where they were staying. They had not personally met yet during the various activities that the resort provided for its guests’ pleasure. They were part of the “young” group, she was 23 and he was 27, and they were both single. They were there by themselves to just enjoy a refreshing break in their busy lives. It was a beautiful morning with just one small cloud passing over the cove.

His friendly rescue

Although they were swimming about ten feet apart, his attention was suddenly drawn to her eyes in the gray light of the cloud’s shadow, and he saw the fear that was about ready to weigh her down into the depths of the cove’s deep water. He immediately swam over to her until they were a foot apart, and said in a calm voice, “Can I help you?”. She looked at this young stranger, and said, “Yes, please do”. He said, “Swim with me into the sunlight and we’ll go to the beach”. So, they swam side by side with their attention fastened on each other as they passed through the sunlight to the warm sand of the beach.

Her eyes were filled with peace and there was a smile on her face as they sat close together, she said, “Thanks so much! How did you know that I needed some help?” He said, “I’ve been there and felt the heavy weight of my depressing thoughts that were about ready to drag me down. But a person named Jesus told me not to fear and to just trust him, and He led me into the light of His comforting and accepting love and personal friendship”.

Personal friendships are established

Within these few minutes of her rescue and their brief conversation about her needs, a personal friendship between two young adults was established. Then in a brief and humble way he introduced his new friend to Jesus and explained to her who He is and that He offers her release from all of her fears and the burdens of failed endeavors and broken relationships in her life if she would just accept His loving and wise guidance and follow the directions of His Spirit in her daily choices. When she agreed to accept Jesus’ offer of help and to personally trust Him to lead her to a source of peace and strength in a personal relationship with Him, she was personally and eternally rescued from the frightening and deadly thoughts that weighed upon her daily experiences of fulfilling labor and relaxing pleasures.

They kissed, and these two young friends determined to have lunch together and to spend the rest of their break time together, except for some personal private hours, enjoying some of the other relaxing features of the resort and to keep in touch with other after they returned to their respective homes. They expected to share more encouraging notes with each other about their personal friendship with Jesus and even more eye to eye friendly encouraging and saving connections. Such a friendly rescue can make a lifetime of difference in the lives of two strangers in this world of frightening thoughts and enjoyable pleasures.